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My workspace has changed a few times over the years to work with my living situation and location at the time. When I became self employed in 2017 I was living with my mum and sister in Nottinghamshire. I dove straight into working from home and our dining room table became my work desk. It was always covered with picture frames, half finished artworks, skulls and bones and lots of crafting materials. I processed a lot of roadkill/naturally deceased animals at this time too so there were often tubs of bones and animal carcasses lying around. Luckily my family were very supportive at this time and it never bothered them, my family members would often bring me any dead animals they came across for me to turn into beautiful art.

After a few years I moved to a small dull town on the outskirts of Sheffield, infact it was just a couple of days before the coronavirus outbreak changed all our lives forever and we went into our first lockdown. This was the first time I had to work to keep a roof over my head, which was difficult during the pandemic as this presented more challenges than I think any of us could have seen coming. Despite the difficulties and hard times I was able to have the full spare bedroom as my new workspace. I absolutely loved it, I was able to keep my 2 chinchillas close by whilst I worked away and I finally had the space to display my taxidermy and skull collection. I was forever moving things aound in the room and changing the layout to keep it fresh and different..

Fast forward to 2022 and I have moved from England to South Wales after my partner got offered his dream job here at the end of 2021. The original plan was for me to work from the caravan but I always knew that wasn't an option. Having lived in the caravan for several weeks now, I know I made a good call to keep searching for that perfect studio space. I now work from a booth in a beautiful converted chapel in the heart of Pembrokeshire. It is in a rural location which is so peaceful and calming which compliments my work perfectly. I'm so grateful and feel very lucky to have found this little gem!

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