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Packaging with the
in mind

Reuse, recycle, repurpose...restore.

  • 100% plastic free packaging

  • Recyclable & biodegradable materials

  • Reused materials

Always finding ways to reuse and repurpose existing materials to minimise environmental impacts.

Please dont' expect any fancy packaging from my business, my outer boxes and packaging paper are all reused from mine and my familes home lives. I would much rather reuse materials that I already have available as it's what's in the box that counts! However, I do hope that someday I will be able to provide some nicer inner packaging for my artwork from a sustainable, eco friendly source. For now my frames are simply wrapped in black paper with twine. My glass protectors are cut from reused cardboard and my address labels from paper off cuts.

I used to reuse plastic bubble wrap for orders but this means it only gets reused one more time before being discarded. Now I keep all my plastic packaging for personal use to stop it from ever harming the environment. Paper and plant based packaging can be reused, recycled or can biodegrade. All these options are better than the results of plastic pollution.

I believe every business no matter how big or small, should provide plastic free packaging and try to become as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible. One by one we need to start using alternatives to help minimise plastic production and the effects on our environment. There are many eco-friendly alternatives available so why are we still using plastic? As businesses we are responsible for the packaging that we pass onto our customers.

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