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UK only! Skull curiosity cabinet & vinyl mandala sketchbook

Skull curiosity cabinet and vinyl mandala sketchbook!

UK only! Please do not purchase if you are outside the UK thank you!

This lovely curiosity cabinet features 6 real animal skulls and some little curiosities! Please note that none of the skulls are complete/perfect, some have damage and some having missing teeth/parts.

The beautiful silver vinyl mandala sketchbook was created for me courtesy of @autumn.illustration! It can be posted with the cabinet or delivered to another address if you would like to gift it to a friend! I will contact the buyer afterwards to ask for their preference.

From the top left to bottom right the cabinet features

Vial of hedgehog quills

2 fox teeth

Fox cub skull

Stoat skull

Vial of fox hyoid bones

Vial of super tiny owl pellet bones

Young rabbit skull

Mountain hare skull

Rabbit vertebrae

Rabbit femur

Vial of rabbit and hare teeth

Vial of deer fawn teeth

Roe deer fawn skull

Muntjac axis vertebrae

Vole skull

The cabinet measures 10x6 inches

UK only! Skull curiosity cabinet & vinyl mandala sketchbook

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