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Alphabet series "C"  Real mice, shrew and vole bones  12x12cm  2024

Alphabet series "C"

A beautiful letter C created from real tiny, mice, shrew and vole bones!

The glass has been removed for the photos, they don't do this piece justice, it looks a lot nicer in real life!


The artwork has been cut out and mounted slightly off the background to give it a 3D effect.

This beautiful letter is mounted onto a lush, matte black Fabriano card. The bones have been carefully positioned and glued into place.

It is displayed in a 12x12cm black shadowbox frame with a matte black border.


This piece features some of the tiniest bones I have available in my collection. They are from the youngest and smallest species remains that I find in my owl pellets.

Each artwork in this style I make is unique using a different layout of bones each time. This outline may be used in future pieces.

This particular piece took nearly 12 hours to create, not including the processes that take place before the artworks are started, so it's a great price for the hours.


My artworks are made with real bones sourced ethically/naturally through wild owl pellets. The bones are dissected from the owl pellets and then they are cleaned and whitened. Then they are sorted through meticulously into my bone boxes ready to use for art.


My art process is long and tedious. Each bone has been individually selected and carefully put into place before glueing them down. Tweezers and a needle are used to carefully move the bones to make sure they work with one another and flow naturally.

Alphabet series "C" Real mice, shrew and vole bones 12x12cm 2024

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